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Refresh Man Review

Refreshing. This drama was short and sweet. Nothing too tense, almost no problems except for the one in the last 2 episodes. A drama solely based on romance and nothing else (and comedy).

I introduce you to our main couple.

Short Summary:

Two arch enemies from high school, Ji Wen Kai, played by Aaron Yan and Zhong Yu Tang, played by Joanne Tseng meet after not seeing each other in years. They now have to work together as CEO(Aaron Yan) and secretary(Joanne Tseng).


This drama may be boring for some people who prefer more action/lively dramas and that’s ok. I have to admit originally I watched this drama just to fill in time and not because it attracted me as much. This drama will make you fall asleep if you don’t enjoy watching romance almost the entire time. The plot is very weak, and non original. I definitely expected more because I saw a lot of great reviews. Now don’t get me wrong this drama dosen’t suck but its not wowing. If it wasn’t for the good looking couple I would have dropped this drama on the 3 episode. The only great feature this drama has is the crazy cute scenes between the couple. They were just sooooooooooo cute together.


In overall, this was on “ok” drama. It definitely is not a must watch drama but it is worth a try for romance lovers. It surprised me with some twists and turns and some cute scenes along the way. I rate this a 7/10. I watched this drama on VIKI, the app and it also available on kissasian.com .

I hope you enjoyed this review. Till the next review.


3 thoughts on “Refresh Man Review

  1. I remember watching the first episode and i didn’t quite like it. Are you a fan of Aaron Yan? I think he is alright…oddly enough he always gets a role where he plays as a CEO ahaha. BTW thank you for liking my posts, I’m truely grateful for it. Us drama blogger have to stick together.

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      1. Oh yes. I did look at your post about CN drama for Instagram and I think it was a marvelous idea. I would help, but I can’t undersatnd mandarin fairly well nor can I read or write which is why I was kind of reluctant to comment. How did you start reading dramas?


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