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The Virtuous Queen of Han Review

Underrated. This is the word I use to describe this drama. I have never heard ONE single person talk or even praise this drama. I personally dont understand why. This drama has a good mixture of romance and plotting between the concubines for the Emperors favor.

Short Summary:

The romance between Wei ZiFu, played by Wang Luo Dan and Emperor Liu Che, played by Raymond Lam.



I started this drama with the lowest of expectations because I have never seen it receive attention. The first few episodes were not that captivating. As the series went climbing so did the tension and drama. It just got better with each episode. Once she becomes Queen her problems definitely minimize but they are still there. Unlike, other dramas that also focus on the way a poor girl goes to Empress, Wei ZiFu becomes Empress wayyyyy earlier than I had expected. The last few episodes were so intense. I wont say if she has a happy ending or not because… well because I cant and wont. On another note, COSTUMES. These costumes were how should I say it.. different. I did see a little of this dynasty in Sound of the Desert and from what I saw this dynasty (Han Dynasty) definitely didn’t stand out as the other dynasties when it came to costumes. They definitely didn’t let the Empress, Grand Empress Dou or any of the concubines look like regular people of the time but they didn’t make them dress in gold either. This is a palace drama but it definitely was not completely focused on the plots and fights between the concubines.

This drama was very far from being perfect and let me tell you why. This drama definitely knew how to get me annoyed and to get me to skip some scenes.

1. Wei ZiFu’s kindness. I mean I know being kind and virtuous was a very good feature Wei ZiFu had but damm its not like she has to act like a saint all the time.

2. Duan Hong’s love and devotion for Wei ZiFu. His love for her is so stupid, just because they were best friends in their childhood and he has never forgotten her.

3. Princess Pingyang and Wei Qing. Now this isn’t something that got me annoyed but I just didn’t ship them together. Some people may oppose to me on this and that is totally fine. Anytime when they would be together I would just skip the scene.










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