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Legend of Lu Zhen/Female Prime Minister Review 

My OTP. I fell so in love with the main couple. In every scene they were in I would squeal. I became such a fan of Chen Xiao and Zhao LiYing,the actors behind the couple after watching this series. I became a superrrrr fan of Gui Gui, the actress that Dan Niang.



While trying to escape from the enemies Gao Zhan, played by Chen Xiao meets a very smart and charming girl called Lu Zhen, played by Zhao Li Ying. Little did she know the man who she had protected and fell for was the Crown Prince. She then enters the palace as a servant and then gains the favor of the Grand Empress Dou. She then escalates through the ranks because of her pottery skills. All while her romance with Gao Zhan grows. Their romance goes through many twists and turns, and right when they thought they were finally going to be together fate throws another curveball at them. Will their romance be able to triumph in a place where everyone is against them?

This drama had began very promising with a very good plot, some good villians, some good characters but that all seemed to disappear as the series went on. I had started with so many good hopes for this drama because the first few episodes seemed very promising and full of action. Lu Zhen was working really hard and Gao Zhan was solving all his problems then all these petty problems started to appear. The drama got draggy for like 5-6 episodes. I found these petty problems so annoying. But, their good chemistry and Lu Zhen’s personality held me from dropping this drama. The drama eventually started getting better towards the last 5-4 episodes. I have to say the beginning episodes and the ending episodes were the best. The last 2 episodes made me so anxious, it was amazing. The ending was 50/50 for me. It wasn’t the worst or the best.

The COSTUMES were pleasing to eye, it wasn’t too extravagant nothing compared to Empresses in the Palace but it wasn’t really plain. Now you are wondering this is a palace drama, so why doesn’t it have a lot of extravagance? Well, because most of palace dramas focus on concubines plotting against each other for the Kings favor, but this drama show barely to nothing about that. There were no major villains in this drama. They were easily vanished in a few episodes. There is an equal share of happy and sad episodes.


In general, this drama definitely deserves for you to have a look. It wont let you down. If you don’t like a historical drama with a lot of politics, but with a lot of romance this is the drama for you. I watched this drama on VIKI, the app but it is also available on KISSASIAN.COM.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Till the next review.


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