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Bu Bu Jing Xin/Scarlet Heart Review


Overated. The word I use to describe this drama. Now I’m sure you heard this drama was the best drama of all times, its ratings were over the top, the acting was amazing, it had the best storyline, bla bla bla. I cant say this drama was absolutely horrible but for me personally I expected way more from this drama.


Modern girl Zhang Xiao, played by Cecilia Liu/Liu Shi Shi is sent back to the Qing Dyansty as Maertai Ruo Xi, the daughter of a general. She then becomes involved in the throne struggle of that time which is especially famous because of the large number of sons Emperor Kangxi had. She also becomes part of a four love triangle with 3 of the princes.


The COSTUMES were not as extravagant as the other palace dramas because we weren’t really focused on the women/concubines/queen as they are the ones who always have the best costumes. We were focused on Ruo Xi who wasn’t a concubine or anything like that, she was just a mere servant in the palace and the princes, who didn’t have much extravagance. There were maybe a few scenes that looked a little off, but most of the times the scenes looked realistic. The ACTING was absolutely over the top. There was not a moment in this drama that I didn’t like each one of the princes except for Ninth Prince, sorry Han Dong. Some people said they cried so much throughout this series but I actually didn’t. I only cried in the last 2 or 3 episodes. I also cried for 2 deaths.

On another note, the romances/friendships of this series were very nice to watch. How amongst the brothers there were some groups. Like how 4th prince and 13th prince were working together while 8th prince,9th prince,10th prince, and 14th prince were working together. While Ruo Xi was the woman, that men from both “groups” wanted. This drama was maybe draggy for 2 episodes and that’s it. Sometimes, it did annoy me how so many men could have just eyes for her and no one else. But, eventually they all sort of went their own ways. I actually really loved the way 10th prince sort of drifted apart from Ruo Xi. I just ship 10th prince and Ming Yu sooooo much. For the last 4 or 5 episodes, I hated 4th prince so much and I actually don’t blame Ruo Xi for her actions. Eventually my hatred had turned into sympathy in the last episode.

In Overall, this drama really is worth your time. It is entertaning and can be a little addictive at times, which is totally fine. In fact, due to its immense popularity a sequel was made a few years later, and a Korean remake will be launched this summer. The main characters  4th Prince/Nicky Wu and Ruo Xi/Cecilia Liu even got married this year. I watched this drama on DRAMA FEVER and it is also available on VIKI. I recommend to watch it on DRAMA FEVER because of better quality picures and better quality subs.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Till the next review.


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