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Sound of the Desert/Da Mo Yao Review


I absolutely fell in love with Eddie Peng in this drama. He was so hot in drama, everything about him in this drama was captivating. Let me set it clear, I wasn’t a fan Eddie Peng before I saw this drama. Well enough of me fan-girling over Eddie Peng and lets get right into this drama review.

This drama was wrapped around the love triangle of Xin Yue, played by Liu Shi Shi Wei Wu Ji, played by the amazing Eddie Peng and Mo Xun/Ninth Lord, played by Hu Ge. I was originally attracted to this drama because of Liu Shi Shi. I became her fan once I saw her spectacular parts in the famous Bu Bu Jing Xin, in which she was the main character and in The Imperial Doctress, in which she was also the main character. It can never compare to Bu Bu Jing Xin or Lan Ling Wang based on plot because this drama wasn’t so “complicated” if that’s the word. I believe it just gained its inmense popularity with its A class cast.

This drama did have a little touch of politics and war but it was not as important as the romance. There are little problems here and there along the way but never to major. The storyline to the “villain” was really just annoying. I would skip any parts in which Qin Xiang the “villain”. I don’t even think she can be considered a villain because in my opinion she barely did anything to stop the main couple. I think im comparing her to villains from other way better dramas so I don’t know if this comparison should be taken into consideration. On another note, a really bad habit I had in this series was to skip scenes of the couple I didn’t ship and scenes in which Mo Xun was in.

On other topics, I have to confess in getting a little annoyed by Wei Wu Ji sometimes. I felt like he was just stalking Xin Yue sometimes. If anything happened to Xin Yue Wei Wu Ji was already there “looking for an aid kit”, if you know what I mean. Clothing was nothing that was really beautiful. It felt very boring in the clothing topic, I mean every dynasty did have its own form of style. PS: this drama took place in the Nan Dynasty. In overall, if you enjoy a good romance with a touch of politics and war watch this drama. If you don’t enjoy those things just watch the first 5 episodes to really reconsider this drama. I give this drama a good EIGHT OUT OF TEN.

I watched this drama on DRAMA FEVER, the app. I believe you can also watch it on VIKI, I AM NOT 100% SURE. I recommend watching it on DRAMA FEVER. Feel free to ask questions or comment about this drama in the comments section. Till the next review.


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