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Les Interpretes


My Thoughts: I was persuaded to watch this drama because of all the publicity and great reviews. I’ve only actually watched 1 and 1/2 episodes so there isn’t much for me to talk about. I actually only have to comment on how I love the main girls acting skills.

Female Prime Minister/Legend of Lu Zhen

Female Prime Minister_Poster

My Thoughts: Now this is the reason why I have watched so little of Les Interpretes. This is such an amazing drama. The best outfits, the best plots/schemes in the palace, and of course the best couple. I just got to say  bear with the first maybe 3 episodes and then just keep watching. You will absolutely adore the couple scenes of Lu Zhen and Ah Zhan/Prince Changguang/Gao Zhan or whatever you wanna call him. This is actually a very long drama compared to the other dramas. I will take this as a good thing since Legend of Zhen Huan is also long and it is an outstanding drama. This drama is actually at a good pace so far, considering im in episode 17. I hope the drama continues with this pace.

Till the next review.


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