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The Imperial Doctress Review


So I finished watching this series along time ago but I’ve decided to blog about it just know. I recommend this series to those who like some female leaders and romance. If you don’t like romance don’t consider watching this drama. So lets get right into the review.

Lets start of with my own little short summary. It basically revolves around Tan Yun Xian, played by Liu Shi Shi way to become the most famous female doctor of the Ming Dynasty. While becoming the most female doctor of the Ming Dynasty she embroils herself in a love triangle with Zhu Qi Zhen (Emperor), played by Wallace Huo and Huang Xuan (Emperor’s Brother),played by Zhu Qi Yu.

Something I have noticed in this drama is that every character in this drama ends as someone else. They all change so much throughout this whole drama. Another thing I admit I got a little annoyed sometimes of how much the men favor her. I mean everywhere she went there was at least someone there who favored her or protected her. There actually isn’t any villain in this drama I think. No one was absolutely out to get her. If you’re looking for a next Bu Bu Jing Xin I’m sorry to disappoint you but this isn’t your drama then. Im not saying that this is a horrible drama but its not the best. It’s ok. I also really enjoyed seeing her breaking the molds and really becoming a role model.

I watched this drama on DRAMA FEVER but I believe it is also available on VIKI. I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Till the next review.


2 thoughts on “The Imperial Doctress Review

  1. I like my female leads strong and I think I wouldn’t mind romance if one of the male leads involve Huang Xuan but I can’t stand it when the female lead is touted to be strong and yet is always protected by the male leads to the extent that she is actually not strong at all. Is her success in this drama all due to the male leads?


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