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Lan Ling Wang Review

Im just gonna start of saying this is THE BEST PERIOD C-DRAMA THAT EXISTED in my book. If you’re wondering yes I have seen Bu Bu Jing Xin. Now I’m gonna ask you to hear me out. Now that you’re willing to hear me out lets get right into it.

So lets start with my own summary/plot of Lan Ling Wang. Lan Ling Wang basically focuses on Yang Xue Wu, played by Ariel Lin and Lan Ling Wang/Gao Chang Gong/Fourth Prince, played by Feng Shao Feng romance. There was a saying that said, Victory goes to the one who has the priestess blessing. Yang Xue Wue was actually the last priestess of her tribe. Her Grandmother had forsessed (predicated) a tragic ending for Gao Chang Gong. She says Gao Chang Gong will marry a lady of the surname Zheng and will die in his prime in the hands of one of his brothers. Coincidently Yang Xue Wu does not have the surname Zheng. Keep in mind these little details. As Yang Xue Wu and Lan Ling relationship flourishes more and more people start to envy them and try to destroy them. Some want to take revenge on the couple, some believe since Xue Wu is a priestess that will help Lan Ling overtake the throne and some just love the wrong people. Yuwen Yong, played by Daniel Chan is the opposing state king. He, Xue Wu, and Lan Ling are all in a love triangle. There is not much I could say about this since I could reveal some spoilers. I personally shipped Lan Ling with Xue Wu.

Now let me just tell you this drama will give you all types of feelings. At some times you will feel so depressed, angry, love, and even anxious at some times. Im telling you know that the villain Zheng Er,played by Nikita Mao will make you want to punch her and pull all her hair out. Even though she is the villain she does all these things for a reason and that’s where you may feel some sympathy towards her. Add the fact that she went through so much for the person she loves. Her partner in crime is Gao Wei, played by Zhai  Tian Lin. He is a whole different story, I actually don’t have any hate towards him because he never really meant to do all those things but was just too in love with the wrong person.

Overall, this drama was amazing. There was always beautiful scenery throughout this whole series. There was only one moment in this drama in which the scenery seemed fake. The only thing I didn’t like about this drama was the ending. I believe that once a couple like Lan Ling and Xue Wu have gone through every single obstacle there can be they should atleast have the joy of ending together. But as always that never did happen. Im not saying they didn’t have their happy episodes but Im just saying they deserved much more as a couple. I have to say I cried most of the series either tears of joy or tears of sadness but I didn’t actually cry in ending. This was because I had already read spoilers and I was already prepared for the ending. So I’m telling you know THEY DO NOT HAVE A HAPPY ENDING. Its really weird to say but everything that happened to them was because they were together, if they weren’t together I don’t think any of this would have happened. Moving on to something else I have to say that the outfits were GORGEOUS. The only thing is I feel like Xue Wu had the less beautiful outfits compared to others. I still watch their happy couple episodes because it does bring happy memories of them.

You can watch this series without any English subtitles on youtube. But if you’re like me and your Chinese knowledge isn’t enough to watch a whole series you can watch this series on DRAMA FEVER, (it is an app). This series is not available on Viki.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review on the best period c-drama. Hopefully, after reading this review I hope you guys have decided to watch this series. Comment if you guys will watch this series after you read this review or you’ve gained a slight interest in Lan Ling Wang. Follow me for more reviews. Till the next review.


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